A 21-year-old California woman who killed six people this weekend drunkenly speeding the wrong way down an LA highway had only recently cleared her license of restrictions from a string of traffic violations, beginning with a DUI conviction she picked up when she was only 16 years old.

Police say Olivia Carolee Culbreath was driving over 100 miles per hour in a Chevrolet Camaro around 4:40 am Sunday morning when she crashed head-on into the driver of a Ford Explorer, killing all four passengers. Two passengers in Culbreath's car — including Culbreath's sister Maya — also died in the crash.

Culbreath suffered a bladder rupture and a broken leg and is in stable condition.

The 21-year-old's drunk driving apparently began when she was arrested in 2010 and cited for at least two traffic violations before her license was reinstated the following year. She accumulated so many points on her license that it was revoked just a few months later. She also failed to appear in court for a November charge of using her cell phone while driving.

All of the restrictions on her license were fully lifted last week.

Culbreath's sister, who died in the crash,also had a string of DUI convictions and fully lost her license in May.