Police say a Detroit man who accidentally hit a 10-year-old pedestrian was attacked by a crowd of people when he got out of his pickup truck to see if the child was alright. The child is expected to recover from his injuries, but the driver is now in critical condition.

The 54-year-old driver's name has not been released, but according to the AP, local police say he was not at fault in the accident.

"A preliminary investigation shows the kid stepped off the curb in front of him," Woody said. "No way he could have stopped in time."

When the driver got out of his car to see what happened, a group of six or seven people approached him and began kicking and beating him.

"The guy definitely was trying to fight back, but it was too many guys," Key said. "When he finally had enough of trying to fight back he just fell to the ground. When he fell to the ground they kicked him a couple of times and then they left him alone."

The driver suffered a serious head injury and is now in critical condition at a Detroit hospital. Police have not yet made any arrests.

[image via AP]