A decade or so ago, the NYPD copped to having a so-called "Hip-Hop Police" force that kept tabs on all the rich and famous black men just itching to commit all types of heinous crimes in New York City. That force still reportedly exists, but now it keeps its eye on people like Drake and Chris Brown.

So what exactly does this entail nowadays? Well, according to Page Six, it means the following, at least in part:

A source told us: "All New York club owners are required to inform the Hip-Hop Police in advance if anyone on the watch list is coming in. They want to be there to monitor the crowd and in case any trouble starts." The insider added, "They don't want any situations like the Suge Knight shooting. If something does go down, they want to already be on the scene."

The "Suge Knight" shooting references the incident that went down last weekend before the VMAs in which the one-time rap mogul was popped six times at a party hosted by Chris Brown and attended by a host of various quasi-celebrities.

Per Page Six, the performers on the updated list include Drake, Chris Brown, Fabolous, Wiz Khalifa, Young Jeezy, Fat Joe and Lil Wayne. Two summers ago, Brown and Drake got into a fight at a club in New York that resulted in bottles of champagne being thrown everywhere and NBA star Tony Parker almost losing his eye.

Back in 2007, Wayne was arrested by the NYPD for gun possession which eventually landed him in Rikers for a year. He has maintained that the NYPD set him up, which, let's be honest, is entirely plausible.