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Today’s episode of Dr. Oz returned to the subject of Charlie Sheen’s HIV and the experimental treatment he received from a “doctor” who practices in Mexico, Sam Chachoua. Chachoua allegedly injected himself with Sheen’s HIV positive blood and more recently discussed his treatment of arthritic goat milk on Real Time with Bill Maher, on which Chachoua received 10 minutes of airtime with virtually no scrutiny from Maher.

Dr. Mehmet Oz took the opportunity to air footage shot in December for his January episode featuring Sheen that was previously withheld at Chachoua’s request. In it, Chachoua once again makes the false claim that Sheen has been cured of HIV. “Right now, you’re not infectious. Right now, we could have sex. I don’t want to, but we could,” Chachoua tells Sheen in the clip. Also featured is a breast cancer “examination” and “treatment,” in which Chachoua asks Sheen to feel his patient’s breast and then mimics how giddy she must feel to have just been felt up by Sheen. This, by the way, happened not in a lab or office, but in a hotel room. “We see he’s not a doctor, but he is an expert on breasts!” Chachoua exclaims.

Additionally, Chachoua tells Sheen on camera that he’ll give him samples of his HIV cure to bring back for Dr. Oz to have tested. Sheen revealed on the show that Chachoua did not provide any samples, and furthermore that he asked Sheen if he could help break Chachoua’s kids into the music business. Chachoua also expressed, per Sheen, the desire to open clinics in Los Angeles. Oz revealed that through a private investigator, he confirmed that Chachoua is not a registered doctor in the U.S. “Which is why he said on Bill Maher that he treated me in Mexico for two months,” added Sheen, who says that he met with Chachoua in Mexico for about 32 hours and was otherwise treated (illegally, it turns out) by Chachoua in Los Angeles.

Much of the Dr. Oz episode was devoted to debunking Chachoua’s Real Time claims. Sheen said Chachoua’s discussion of Sheen’s condition to Maher was “wildly inappropriate,” adding, “I was not dying.” (However, Sheen added that Chachoua said he was dying when they met from a piece of shrapnel in his heart.) Chachoua’s claim that his treatment made the HIV levels in Sheen’s blood undetectable was also denied. Also, Chachoua did not clear Comoros of HIV, according to Savlator Niyonzima, the UNAIDS country director of Madagascar, Comoros, Mauritius & Seychelles.

[There was a video here]

In fact, Sheen claims that Chachoua might not have injected himself with Sheen’s blood. “Thinking back on it, his back was to me…he might have switched the needle…It wasn’t like, ‘Here look,’ bang and presented right in front of me,” said Sheen.

Oz said that Chachoua turned down the opportunity to appear in last month’s Sheen-centered episode of Dr. Oz, which made his Real Time appearance a surprise. Oz also said that he reached out to Maher for a comment, but Maher didn’t respond.