Photo: AP

At least 28 people have been killed and up to 65 people wounded in a car bombing at an outdoor market in northeast Baghdad’s Shiite-majority Shaab neighborhood, the Associated Press reports. At least five people were killed in another attack on the city’s southern, Shiite-majorty Dora neighborhood.

The attacks followed the pattern of bombings carried out recently by the Islamic State—more than 140 people have been killed since last week—although no one has claimed responsibility for Tuesday’s attacks. From Reuters:

A spokesman for Baghdad Operations Command told state television the attacker in al-Shaab, a predominately Shi’ite Muslim area, had set off an explosives-filled vest in coordination with a planted bomb. Initial investigations revealed the attacker had been a woman, he said.

According to Reuters, as many as 44 people were killed in Tuesday’s attacks.

On Friday, the BBC reports, ISIS militants carried out three car bombings, killing 93 people. A coordinated attack by ISIS militants on a natural gas plant north of the city left at least 14 dead this weekend.