Close your eyes and imagine: chicken entrails blended and stuffed into a fleshy, pill-shaped sac, then infused with a savory cheese-inspired paste. Wrap that nuclear taste missile in a slab of breaded poultry, top it with a drizzle of deli mustard, and launch it careening toward your own gaping maw. Do you like it? You've just been Doubled Down, Dog, courtesy of KFC.

The Double Down Dog—that is, a Tender Juicy Chick'n Cheese Hot Dog encased in a piece of KFC chicken—is available for an extremely limited time: just two days, according to a Facebook post by the world's greatest purveyor of fried bird meat, and only in the Philippines. For now, Americans looking for that Double Down fix will have to make do with mouth-watering memories of the original.

According to the KFC Philippines Facebook, just a handful of stores will be selling Double Down Dogs, and they'll only have 50 dogs each. Today—the first day of the promotion—they're already sold out, of course, and after tomorrow the world will be free of the "outrageously meaty" scourge forever.

Or will it? KFC surely knows that its unholy gambit will inspire plenty of aghast blog posts just like this one—all of which will be quite useful as viral marketing when it eventually decides to bring the DDD worldwide. Gird your loins.

[Image via KFC Philippines]