When Colorado legalized pot, millions of people in other states fantasized about buying a bunch of weed and bringing it back home. One guy apparently tried just that recently, and though he got caught nothing really happened to him

Earlier this week, TSA officials at Aspen-Pitkin Country Airport in Aspen confiscated 36 ounces of "marijuana-infused edibles" (the possibilities!) from a traveler's luggage. The TSA turned the case over to the Pitkin County Sheriff's Office, who was basically like ".....eh?" According to the sheriff's office, they declined to prosecute because the man wasn't violating state law by possessing the weedfood.

The office's spokesperson said that once a passenger boards a plane and gets in the air he or she is then subject to federal laws, but if the TSA doesn't confiscate your pot then what's going to happen once you're in the air? The case highlights what is new territory for federal, state, and local officials collaborating together in post-legalization Colorado.

The AP talked to a Colorado attorney named Lauren Maytin who consults with dispensaries, and she said that it appears as if federal agencies are not interested in prosecuting people attempting to transport "personal" amounts of pot, especially in edible form. Instead, they're turning people over to local authorities who have so far decided to cut the "offenders" loose.

What a civilized world!

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