An easy way to be a better person:

Don't let your dog piss on the trash bags.

When you're walking your dog, and people's trash bags are set out on the curb waiting to be collected, don't let your dog walk over to the trash bags, and piss on the trash bags.

Instead, have your dog piss somewhere that is not on the trash bags.

I must confess that not allowing your dog to piss on the trash bags never really occurred to me as a simple way to make the world a better place until just this morning. That's when I read Andy Newman's NYT story about how garbage men dislike it when you allow your dog to piss on the trash bags. Their reason? They don't like to get piss all over themselves.

That seems reasonable.

I'd like to thank Andy Newman for bringing this problem to the attention of everyone. I sure do feel like an inconsiderate boob for not thinking about this before now. So let's all make a pact: if we have dogs, and we walk those dogs on the sidewalk, we will not allow the dog to piss right on the trash bags. I think we can all agree that a sanitation worker's job is difficult enough without adding unnecessary amounts of dog piss to it.

Little things can make a big difference.

[Photo: Flickr]