Half a dozen members of the Bird Protection League converged on bird traps in Audon, a township in southwest France, Monday morning in an effort to stop the alleged poaching of thousands of protected finches. But, as they soon learned, if you wanna save finches, you’ve gotta get through one angry, shovel-wielding man and his bikini briefs.

“As they began to destroy these traps, a local resident came out of his house armed with a shovel, insulting journalists and activists and beating some of them using his tool, according to an AFP photographer,” Agence France-Presse reports.

Fortunately, the threat of being hit with a shovel didn’t prevent photographer Gaizka Iroz from capturing the absurd image above, which is a beautiful gift to us all.

Local residents also tried to the snatch the journalists’ cameras—getting away with one of them—and slashed the tires of the activists’ vehicles. The local police showed up after about 15 minutes, breaking up the fight and securing the return of the camera, Liberation reports.

The president of the Bird Protection League indicated he intends to sue for assault and for the use of illegal traps, and Captain Underpants the Shovel Warrior said he would sue for trespassing.

[h/t PourMeCoffee, Photo: AFP/Getty Images]