If Donald Trump wins the presidency, he will have a job for four years. If not, he may not have a job ever again.

According to a survey conducted by the brand consultant agency BAV Consulting, since the start of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, the Trump brand of hotels, housing developments and golf courses has slowly been losing its market in its biggest consumer base: rich people. Politico broke the results down in a feature on Monday:

In categories such as “prestigious,” “upper class” and “glamorous” the Trump name has plummeted among high-income consumers. Within the same group, it is also losing its connection with the terms “leader,” “dynamic” and “innovative”—quite a blow for a man who criticizes others for being “low energy” and considers himself an industry trailblazer.

The losses have been especially notable in Trump’s wealthier customers, with those earning incomes over $150,000 reacting most harshly. The survey reported that people felt that Trump was “obliging” and “upper class” far less than the start of his campaign—50 percent less, in fact.

Perhaps this is a learning experience for us all, though. Maybe in the financial textbooks of the future, the chapters detailing decision-making strategies will include a warning against offending entire religions or calling Mexicans rapists. Trump, in his bigotry, may be a shining light to the marketers of the future, an unparalleled example of what not to do.

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