Some people say it’s whats on the inside that counts. Other people say it’s not being a gross fat loser that counts. Guess which one Donald Trump is.

Whether it’s his own daughter (“she’s got the best body”), people he’s seen on TV (“Bette Middler is an extremely unattractive woman”), or just people he doesn’t like (“[Arianna Huffington is] unattractive both inside and out”), the blithely self-unaware candidate is very, very aware of other people’s appearances.

In fact, he’s been this way for years. Despite the “ancient technology” in use at the time, there exists almost 30-years’ worth of footage of Trump making hyperbolized, skin-deep declarations about people’s physical attributes. The majority of them are not exactly flattering. Still, there is one person whose looks Trump finds beyond reproach: His own.

[Video produced by Gawker Video]

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