Photo: AP

ACTUALLY, Mr. Trump...

In his endless, doom-tinged speech last night, Donald Trump painted a picture of a nation beset by danger; a nation in which violent crimes were resurgent, police officers are at constant risk of murder, and immigrants comprise a dangerous criminal class out to do you harm. Let’s look at a few facts.

Law enforcement officer deaths have been been broadly declining for decades. [Via]

Violent crime has been sharply declining since Obama took office. [Via Brennan Center]

People tend to think crime is much worse than it actually is. [Via Pew Center]

Immigrants are actually less likely to commit crimes than native-born Americans. [Via Pew/ Marshall Center]

It is also worth noting that Washington, Baltimore, and Chicago—three cities explicitly mentioned by Trump for their violence—account for the majority of the increase in murders nationwide last year.

Just about every other news outlet in America has published more or less this same story this morning.

No one able to understand a rudimentary chart has any excuse for voting for Donald Trump.