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If Donald Trump made one thing clear in the victory speech he delivered after sweeping a handful of Republican primaries this past Tuesday, it’s that he now views Hillary Clinton to be his only opponent.

He made it clear by lobbing several ridiculous claims aimed at deflating her candidacy, such as stating that he “will do more for women than Hillary Clinton will ever do.” He also said that Clinton doesn’t have the “strength” or the “stamina” to be president, a line of attack that Trump has been trotting out for months.

Above is a supercut of Trump repeating that line in forums such as his own rallies and high-profile thinkfluencer programs like Meet the Press. It is a preview of how he plans to characterize Clinton if and when they meet in the general election, and it’s notable in that it is ripped straight from the pages of conservative tinfoil-hat websites and blogs who have been obsessed with Clinton’s health for years.

Trump has been quick to clarify that he’s not insinuating that Clinton has a “health issue,” but his fixation on Clinton’s energy—down to theorizing about when and where she sleeps—is a high-pitched dog whistle aimed at the sort of people who read Republican-interest publications ranging from crypto-conspiracy Bibles like World Net Daily and The Drudge Report to more “mainstream” right-wing websites like The Daily Caller and Breitbart.

All of the above have been frothing at the mouth with theories about the state of Clinton’s mind and body, and now they have a candidate willing to act as a megaphone.

Video by Erika Audie