When Donald Trump got booed, loudly and often, during the Republican National Debate Saturday, he blamed it on an audience stacked with “donors and special interests.” Turns out, he wasn’t wrong.

“That’s what it is. And by the way, let me just tell you. We needed tickets—you can’t get them. You know who has the tickets? I’m talking about to the television audience. Donors, special interests, the people that are putting up the money,” Trump said over loud boos. “The RNC told us that we have all donors in the audience.”

And though Trump blamed the booing on his refusal to accept donations, which isn’t exactly true, his assessment of the audience checked out.

This weekend Breitbart News reported the breakdown of the Peace Center’s 1600 seats: 600 of which reportedly went to candidates, 550 to the state party and locally elected officials, 367 to the RNC and the remaining 100 tickets were split between CBS, the Peace Center and Google.

It’s true what they say—even a broken orange clock is right twice a day.

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