In an appearance on the Rita Cosby WABC radio show, serious Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said, “I’m not going to Mexico. And I don’t think anybody from this country [should],” according to the New York Post. “I think we should boycott Mexico, frankly.”

Trump believes that the Mexican government is corrupt and its court system cannot be relied upon. “I have a judgment for a million dollars in Mexico. I can’t collect it because the court system is so bad,” he said. Trump also believes that people crossing the Mexico-U.S. border are rapists.

In a Fox News poll released on Friday, 18 percent of likely Republican voters said they would vote for Trump—up from 11 percent in June—more than any other candidate.

Trump also said that everyone is entitled care? “I want health care for everyone,” he said. “We have to take care of people that really can’t take care of themselves.

“You can say that’s not a conservative way. Well, if it’s not, that’s going to be a problem for me. But I don’t think it will be,” Trump said.

It may be a problem. Or, maybe, something else will be a problem. Possibly there will be no problems at all! Probably, though, there will be.

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