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With over half of the state reporting, networks are officially calling Florida for Donald Trump. And Rubio didn’t just lose in his home state—he lost by a lot.

Rubio’s been promising all day to stay in the race even if Florida goes to Trump, which already seemed like an ill-advised prospect. But seeing how soundly Trump took the state (especially considering how many candidates are still on the ballot), Rubio would have to be insane to stay in at this point.

Fortunately for whatever dignity Rubio has left, he has apparently given up on that dream, suspending his campaign as Rubio just announced in his concession speech, he’s finally letting go of his Presidential dreams.

Making it all worse is the fact that Florida theoretically should have been a shoe-in for Rubio. Unfortunately for Rubio, it looks like his voters aren’t crazy about the fact that he never showed up to work (Rubio boasted the highest absentee rate of any senator running for President).

And if his own prophecy of just a few days ago comes true, Trump just sealed the deal.

Either way, a deeply embarrassing way to end a campaign, and the perfect end to Trump’s months-long Rubio burn session.