Over the course of this election race, it’s remained unclear exactly what type of friend Donald Trump is. But if his ideas about international friendships are anything to go on, we can likely hazard a guess that he’s a pretty crappy one.

On Sunday, the Republican presidential frontrunner sat down with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos for “This Week” to talk about House Speaker Paul Ryan, ISIS, and Trump’s proposed ban on Muslims.

According to Trump, other countries, including ones that have expressed publicly their disgust for the policy, like it when you force a horrible policy into effect. When asked by Stephanopoulos about international criticism for the ban, Trump said that other countries will get on board after it’s in place, and that the policy will help make Muslim allies “stronger toward” the U.S.

STEPHANOPOULOS: You’re in the Oval Office a year from now, President Trump is there. David Cameron, who’s criticized pro — your proposal — comes to you. Benjamin Netanyahu comes to you. He’s criticized the proposal. The leaders of — of Jordan and Egypt and Turkey come to and say we want to help you in the fight against ISIS, we can’t do it if that ban is in place.

What do you do?

TRUMP: I disagree with them. I think it’s going to be even better. I think if the ban is in place, they’re going to want to show that they’re going to — look, we’re not getting any help. If you look at the help, we’re not getting help. They keep saying boots on the ground, boots on the ground, they’re not fighting, we give them equipment, they run. They drop our equipment. The enemy picks up our equipment.

Exiling an entire group people, it turns out, is a great way to make friends!