Gaping mouth with hairpiece Donald Trump spends most of his time on Twitter railing against those he perceives as "losers," but he'll occasionally take a break to give his own ego a nice rubdown. A prankster exploited that vanity Monday, tricking Trump into retweeting a photo of a sweet married couple who also happen to be convicted serial killers.

"My parents who passed away always said you were big inspiration. Can you pls RT for their memory?" asked Phil Bradbury, who goes by Feckhead on Twitter. Trump fell for the flattery and granted Feckhead's request, but the photo he retweeted actually showed Fred and Rosemary West, convicted of torturing, raping and killing 10 girls during the mid-'70s.

Fred hanged himself before he could be sentenced, and Rosemary is currently incarcerated for life.

Trump, whose fuckup was retweeted thousands of times before he deleted it, continues to serve out his own sentence of life as Donald Trump. And he's threatening to sue, of course:

[h/t MPoppel]