Donald Trump, a man who could be called equally as fascist as many a dictator who came before him, has a new hero—or, rather, a new supreme leader.

The Republican presidential frontrunner said at a rally in Iowa on Saturday that the North Korean leader deserves credit for the way he has governed one of the most authoritarian countries in the world.

The Toronto Star’s Daniel Dale reports that Trump marveled at the dictator’s accomplishments:

“If you look at North Korea, this guy, he’s like a maniac. OK? And you’ve got to give him credit: how many young guys — he was like 26 or 25 when his father died — take over these tough generals, and all of a sudden — you know, it’s pretty amazing when you think of it. How does he do that?

As Dale pointed out, Kim “does that” through murder. Trump went on:

“Even though it is a culture, and it’s a cultural thing, he goes in, he takes over, he’s the boss. It’s incredible. He wiped out the uncle, he wiped out this one, that one. This guy doesn’t play games, and we can’t play games with him. Because he really does have missiles, and he really does have nukes.”

But this isn’t the first time we’ve heard of Trump’s admiration for Kim, a man who once executed a turtle farmer (among many others). Last week during an interview with Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren, Trump said it was “amazing for the young guy that [he would] go and take over.”

Hmm, a young person who goes in and takes over, without care to the lives he harms, and all the while sporting a terrible haircut. Sounds familiar.

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