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Donald Trump took time out of his hour-long QVC segment Tuesday to mock an NBC reporter who asked what parents should tell their kids about the language he uses.

According to TIME Magazine’s Zeke Miller, the question was posed by NBC News reporter Peter Alexander, who has had uncomfortable press conference moments with Trump before.

Trump—who’s used the word “pussy” to describe Ted Cruz, discussed his penis size on live TV, and confirmed he would sleep with his daughter if they weren’t related—had this to say:

Oh, you’re so politically correct. You’re so beautiful. Oh, look at you. Awwww. Aw, he’s so. Oh, I know. You’ve never heard a little bad, a little off, language. I know, you’re so perfect. Aren’t you perfect. Aren’t you just a perfect young man. Give me a break. You know what? It’s stuff like that that people in this country are tired of. It’s stuff like that.

It would be a step up for Alexander though—last time Trump didn’t even let him get the question out.

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