Photo: AP

Donald Trump’s bold and short-lived pronouncement that women who get abortions should be punished failed to translate for a coalition of anti-abortion groups that, looking to him as a sort of father figure, faced the harsh realization that he had no interest in raising them.

The organizers of the 114 Forum anti-abortion conference apparently led attendees to believe Trump would be calling in to the event, an event which Trump’s spokesperson, Hope Hicks, says Trump never had any intention of attending or addressing.

Trump, who said women receiving abortions should be punished before taking it back, is understandably avoiding the issue now. But the people who support it say don’t care because at least he said what they were thinking:

“As for Donald Trump, I far prefer the kind of mistake he made recently, and then corrected, regarding who should be punished, than the ongoing deliberate mistake of Clinton and Sanders who cannot seem to find an abortion they don’t like,” Pavone said.

Extremists—they love him!