Noted Donald Trump enthusiast Donald Trump lied to a group of children yesterday during an incredible series of events that played out like the bleakest of CNN wet dreams. In a video posted to Facebook, a boy points a camera at the petulant clown running for president and asks, point-blank, if he is Batman. Trump’s response: “I am Batman.”

The deplorable instance of deceit all started when Donald Trump decided to offer a little something extra—free helicopter rides—to the Iowa State Fair’s customary candidate pageantry. From CNN’s writeup of the event:

You could see a cow made of butter or a 711-pound Giant Atlantic Pumpkin. You could eat a bacon-wrapped rib on a stick and drink a 32-ounce Miller Lite while watching a one-man band play and sing “Mustang Sally.”...

But here in the parking lot was something else altogether: a chance to ride in a customized Sikorsky S-76B helicopter with one of the richest and most famous men in America.

It’s at this point that Trump turned to the camera to bellow, “Where are the children? Get them over here.”

(Words that were presumably followed by a crack of lightning and a growing, palpable tension as the precious children’s world inexplicably began to dim.)

But the children did not come. So Trump roared, once again, “I love my kids. Come ‘ere.”

Finally, the children obey. “Taking their cue, nearly 50 children stood behind him on the asphalt as he answered questions about what he would do if elected president.”

Then, it was time time for two parents to willingly send their children hurtling through the sky in a small, metal box with Donald Trump. From CNN:

William (9) brought a GoPro camera to capture the experience; a clip later wound up on Facebook.

“Mr. Trump,” he said, aiming the camera at his benefactor.

“Yes,” Trump said, pulling on the lapels of his jacket.

“Are you Batman?” the boy asked.

“I am Batman,” Trump said.

Lies. Blatant, brazen lies.

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