Have you ever wanted to shoot the shit with sentient mint julep and South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham? Probably not—he’s awful! But just in case you want to give him a piece of your mind, ever-worse-human and godsend to the Republican primaries Donald Trump just read off his phone number in public.

Trump said the number right after insulting Graham to the best of his ability (which is to say, poorly) by calling him a “lightweight” and “an idiot.”

Unfortunately, it looks like Graham has already been inundated with phone calls, because now when you call him, you get this:

But POLITICO did at least manage to get to Graham in time:

“I wonder what caused that,” Graham told a POLITICO reporter who dialed the number that Trump read.

“When it comes to the Donald, nothing surprises me anymore,” he said. “It’s just too bad, really,” he said, that Trump is taking away from a discussion on the Iran deal and more substantive policy issues.

Should you feel compelled to get a whiff of that smooth, southern drawl for yourself, you can give Graham a call at 202-228-0292. Godspeed.

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