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While Chris Christie looked on in abject terror, Donald Trump made typically nonsensical claims during his victory speech last night. One of them was, “I’m going to be really good for women.”

After being questioned about his previous (sort of) supportive statements about Planned Parenthood, Trump said, “Look, Planned Parenthood has done very good work for many, many, for millions of women, and I’ll say it. And I know a lot of the so-called conservatives, they say that’s really...because I’m a conservative, but I’m a common sense conservative. But millions of women have been helped by Planned Parenthood.”

That sounded almost reasonable, if muddled, but then Trump added this:

But we’re not going to allow, and we’re not going to fund, as long as you have the abortion going on at Planned Parenthood, and we understand that. I’ve said it loud and clear....I’m going to be really good for women. I’m going to be good for women’s health issues. It’s very important to me.

Ah. In a statement to Politico, the executive vice president of the Planned Parenthood Action Fund Dawn Laguens politely explained Trump’s contradiction: “Tonight, Donald Trump claimed he’d be great for women while in the same breath pledging to block them from accessing care at Planned Parenthood.”

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