Donald Trump is either continuing his campaign for Racist in Chief, and he’s only getting more adept at it—or, he’s got really terrible eyesight.

At a rally in Muscatine, Iowa, on Sunday, a pair of protestors carrying a sign that read “Stop Hate” was reportedly met with just that. MSNBC captured the moment when, as one protester wearing a red turban was escorted out of the arena, the Republican presidential candidate asked aloud, “He wasn’t wearing one of those hats, was he?”

A version of the speech posted on Mediaite shows Trump adding that the protester “never will” wear “one of those hats,” suggesting that Trump was referring to his “Make American Great” hats, not the man’s turban.

The rally was held at the gym of the Muscatine High School, which, judging from online photos, does not look particularly large. Is it really conceivable that Trump could not distinguish between a turban and a baseball cap in such a relatively small room? For that matter, wouldn’t his supporters want him to act more charitably to a man who is protesting in the name of stopping hate, regardless of the hat atop his head?

The crowd of Trump supporters can be heard shouting “U-S-A” as the protesters were led out. Clearly, the answer to my previous question is a resounding no.

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