Today, your future president Donald Trump doubled down on his assertion that the Paris terror attacks could have been stopped by armed civilians, telling Boston-area radio host Jeff Kuhner the following (via Buzzfeed):

“So they were just shooting people: ‘Next! Next!’” the former reality TV star told Boston radio host Jeff Kuhner. “Just people were totally defenseless. If you had a guy like you or me, or some other guys in that room that had guns, it wouldn’t have been that way, Jeff. You know. It wouldn’t have been that way.”

This is, of course, a grand conservative fantasy: the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a big orange buffoon with a gun, or whatever. Trump is bringing that fantasy to its most logical extreme, daydreaming about whipping out a pistol and taking out terrorists armed with machine guns.

All of this is to say that if Donald Trump had stood up in the crowd at the Bataclan he would been murdered immediately, and his stupid James Bond fantasy nonsense is an insult to those who really did die there.

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