Finally something delightful this primary: Donald Trump and Ben Carson trapped onstage and on-camera for the entire duration of a special live rendition of the song “Stand By Me”.

The Palm Beach County Republican party engineered the performance as part of its annual Lincoln Day fundraiser, which Trump hosted Sunday at his Mar-a-Lago estate. Trump, who also served as the keynote speaker, did not appear to be in on the joke—the emcee had to drag him back onstage after presenting him with an award.

Either way, here is what happened: Trump and Carson swayed awkwardly in front of a large crowd of people for more than three minutes while the musician Beau Davidson serenaded them with Trump-themed lyrics. “There is nothing you can do about this except grimace and sort of bounce your shoulders listlessly until I finish singing this song,” was not one of those lyrics, but it could have been.

If this whole thing was an elaborate prank, it was a very good one.