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Confronted with the implications of Lena Dunham moving to Canada should he become president, Donald Trump took a reflective pause before delivering a measured answer. Just kidding—he said something totally rude and moved on.

“Speaking of women, a woman actress by the name of Lena Dunham, she said this yesterday: ‘I know a lovely place in Vancouver and I can get my work done from there,’” Steve Doocy said during a phone interview with Trump this morning on Fox and Friends. “She says she’s going to move to Canada, Donald Trump, if you get elected. What’s your message to her?”

Trump, if you can even believe it, was supportive.

“She’s a B-actor, and has no mojo,” Trump said. “I heard Whoopie Goldberg said that too. That would be a great, great thing for our country.”

And there you have it.