Photo: AP

What does it take for Donald Trump to give up on an employee? He seems to be cool with staffers who manhandle women, casually use the term “half-breed,” and maybe, who knows, possibly literally sleep with the enemy. But jeeeeeez, lose one state and all of a sudden he’s hiring “professionals” to take over his clusterfuck of a campaign.

For Trump to avoid a contested convention, he has to secure 1,237 delegates, which means he can’t afford lose any more states. Unfortunately for him, that’s exactly what happened on Tuesday, in the GOP Wisconsin primary, where he picked up only six delegates to Ted Cruz’s 36. He also expects to lose in this weekend’s convoluted Colorado primary.

According to the New York Times, that was the tipping point for Trump, who this week, officially hired GOP old hand Paul Manafort as his convention manager. But not before the pair had a “lengthy and, at times tense meeting” essentially demoting Corey Lewandowski, who was recently arrested for battery after grabbing a female reporter at a Trump rally.

The private meeting with Mr. Lewandowski, Mr. Trump and the media-averse Mr. Manafort, at Trump Tower in Manhattan, was described as “slightly contentious” by someone briefed on the gathering who was not authorized to speak publicly. Mr. Manafort urged Mr. Trump to focus on immediate tasks and to retool his approach, another person briefed on the meeting said Within hours, Mr. Trump scrapped a Friday trip to California, which will not vote until June.

Priorities, man.