Running for president doesn’t have to be this hard: Today Donald Trump posted a campaign poster of sorts to Twitter. It features a stylized graphic of the American flag overlaid across Trump’s face, the hashtag #MakeAmericaGreatAgain, a plea to “put the U.S. back into business!” aaaaaaand a stock image of what appears to be war reenactors wearing replica Nazi uniforms.

Here is the full tweet, which has already been deleted from Trump’s account:

You can see the soldiers there on the bottom stripe of the flag, underneath a stock image of the White House and another stock image of $100 dollar bills. The three pillars of the Trump candidacy: money, power and...Nazis. They look like real soldiers, but, via Mother Jones, it looks like they’re just stock photo models who for some reason are wearing replica Nazi uniforms.

The fuck-up appears to have been caught first by a blogger named John Schindler, who noticed that the men are wearing the uniforms of the Waffen-SS. For untrained eyes (like mine), it’s difficult to notice. But if you focus on that one image, you can see what looks like the Waffen-SS crest on the arms of the fake soldiers.

Here’s an isolated shot of that photo:

Here is an example of one Waffen-SS insignia, via the fine folks at

Here is a Wikipedia entry dedicated to the specific version of spotted camouflage called flektarn apparently being worn by one of the men pictured. It was used by the Waffen-SS.

Per Schindler, some of the men in the photo appear to be wearing a version of this uniform:

Donald Trump, whose staff is unable to differentiate between actors wearing American and Nazi uniforms, is currently the most popular Republican candidate for president and führer.

UPDATE (4:35 p.m.) Trump’s campaign has blamed the bad shop on a “young intern.” If that intern is lucky, he or she is no longer an intern for Donald Trump.

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