Photo: AP

Ted Cruz announced Thursday that he will speak at the Republican National Convention later this month, despite the fact that Donald Trump has called him a liar, insinuated that his father murdered JFK and straight-out called his wife unattractive.

Who Cruz will join onstage remains unclear. Until Wednesday, the Trump campaign had said it would publish a list of speakers on Wednesday. On Wednesday, Trump tweeted the list would be published Thursday. As of press time, no list had been furnished.

The news follows a closed-door meeting between Trump and Cruz that reportedly took place on Capitol Hill.

“Mr. Trump asked Sen. Cruz to speak at the Republican convention, and Sen. Cruz said he would be happy to do so,” a Cruz spokesperson tells The Politico. “There was no discussion of any endorsement.”

Trump had previously stated that any convention speakers would have to endorse him first—it’s like you can’t rely on a word he says!