Photo: AP

Over the past week, Donald Trump has increasingly suggested that this year’s election will be “rigged,” claiming on multiple occasions that (absent voter ID laws) people could vote “10 times.” That might sound laughably implausible, but it’s far less implausible if you, like Trump, are unfamiliar with the actual process of voting.

Appearing on Fox News Wednesday night, the Republican nominee demonstrated this apparent ignorance while bemoaning the reversal of North Carolina’s racially discriminatory voter ID law.

“Voter ID seems to be eliminated in North Carolina,” said Trump, according to CBS News’ Sopan Deb. “I think that’s, you know, very unfortunate. Voter ID—does that mean that anybody can just go and walk in and vote? That’s very unfair, that’s very unfair.”

In the real world, of course, polling stations don’t take anonymous drop-ins, requiring citizens to either register beforehand or present valid identification before voting. In Donald Trump’s home state of New York (which has no voter ID law), for instance, the deadline for registration is weeks before the general election.

Donald, however, isn’t the only Trump with a shaky understanding of the rules: According to Trump, two of his children failed to register as Republicans in time to vote for their dad in the primaries.