Photo: AP

Remember when Donald Trump declared, ad naseum, that he’d hire only the “greatest minds” as president? Well that’s not going so well. The New York Times reports Trump had a closed-door meeting this week with Reince Priebus and several other top Republican National Committee members, during which he apparently acknowledged he had not exactly hired the best and brightest to work on his campaign.

According to the Times, the conversation centered mainly around two things: His disrespect for the Republican party and his ignorance of how delegates work, the latter of which apparently led him to criticize his own team in front of everyone.

Trump is currently protesting the disbursement of delegates in Louisiana, where he won the primary but will likely walk away with less delegates than Ted Cruz, thanks to “peculiarities in the state’s system” that Trump’s campaign was apparently unaware of.

The situation in Louisiana infuriated Mr. Trump, who threatened this week to sue the Republican National Committee over it.

But when Mr. Priebus explained that each campaign needed to be prepared to fight for delegates at each state’s convention, Mr. Trump turned to his aides and suggested that they had not been doing what they needed to do, the people briefed on the meeting said.

Those aides, the Times reports, included his son, Donald J. Trump Jr.; his campaign manager, who was arrested last week for manhandling a reporter, Corey Lewandowski; his national political director Michael Glassner; and his spokeswoman, Hope Hicks.

For a man whose entire platform is, “I don’t know how this thing works but I will hire people who do,” this is... less than reassuring.