Kurt Bardella, the former Breitbart spokesperson who quit his job Friday, tells Don Lemon the outlet straight-up lied about what happened to reporter Michelle Fields. Don Lemon, in response, just about died from the shock of someone answering a direct question on his program.

This week Bardella wrote a deliberately doubtful press release for Breitbart after one of its reporters, Michelle Fields, accused Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski of manhandling her at a press conference. (Bardella also reportedly muzzled Fields and instructed her to get her boyfriend “under control” after the boyfriend wrote about the incident on Twitter.)

But the PR flack—who is now on a redemption tour—says he decided to resign because of the way the outlet handled the incident.

“When you get to a point where you can’t 100 percent support who you’re representing, the right thing to do is to step aside and inform them that you can no longer represent them,” he said Friday night during an interview with CNN’s Don Lemon. “I just disagree with the course of which they’ve been covering this, and how they’ve treated Michelle. I think that they’ve been looking for a reason to disprove something, when all the evidence—from the Washington Post reporter’s first-hand account, to the bruises on Michelle’s arm, to all the photos and video clips that we’ve seen—strongly suggest that Corey Lewandowski, Donald Trump’s campaign manager, was the one who did this.”

And he’s not wrong!

But Lemon’s biggest shock was yet to come, when he asked Bardella a direct question—and he answered.

Don Lemon: Are you saying they’re lying?

Kurt Bardella: Yes, I am.

Don Lemon: Alright. And you’re saying they’re lying, have they lied all along about certain things, to your estimation?

Kurt Bardella: I think as this unfolded, in the immediate aftermath, I don’t think anyone knew all of the details of what happened. It was obviously a very chaotic, emotional situation, people are in different locations. But I think as it progressed and as the evidence became more clear, there seemed to be resistance from Breitbart in supporting Michelle. And it’s just something I just couldn’t understand, I certainly don’t agree with it, and again, I think that for me, the right thing to do was to try to extricate myself from a situation that I just didn’t feel comfortable with anymore.

Don Lemon: Mr. Bardella, why would they not support her and support the Trump version of the story?

Kurt Bardella: Well I think that anyone who has watched Breitbart coverage, who reads the site everyday, it’s very clear, and they haven’t hidden this at all, but they’ve been very supportive of the Trump campaign. And I think that there was a desire to want to believe the Trump campaign and believe the statement that Corey and Donald Trump put out

Here is what Lemon has to say about conducting a successful interview: “I think that’s the first time that I’ve ever been speechless on television, because usually when I ask people a direct question, they don’t answer directly. And when I said, ‘Are they lying?’ you said yes. And I said, ‘Where do I go from there—he answered honestly.’ Thank you!”

[There was a video here]

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