It's not every day that someone actually buys Domino's Pizza on purpose and then proceeds to enjoy what they bought.

In fact, the occurrence is so rare, it seems, that when a customer does actually have something positive to say about their Domino's experience, the chain simply doesn't believe them.

A self-professed Domino's Pizza lover who posted genuine praise of the company's pies on Domino's Facebook page received this response from whoever handles the company's account:

So sorry about that! Please share some additional information with us at and please mention reference# 1409193 so we can have this addressed.

Consumerist suggests this is an auto-apology bot that hasn't been programmed to appreciate positive reviews.

Either that, or the bot has very fine-tuned sarcasm detector.

AdRants notes that Domino's were eventually made aware that they had apologized to their only fan, and went back in to "clarify." "No, we meant we were sorry it took Jeaneth so long to enjoy the best pizza ever," Domino's wrote. "Think of all the pizza she's likely had that wasn't the best ever." Oof. Send in the bot to apologize for that joke.

[screengrab via Facebook]