What little girl doesn't want a sparkling pink princess wand that holds a dark suicidal secret?

Nicole Allen, a mother in Dayton, Ohio, is not too happy with her local dollar store after purchasing something that looked like an innocent toy: a pink, plastic wand in a fun, purple package. After giving the toy to her sweet two-year-old daughter, the young girl promptly peeled off its foil cover, revealing a vivid image of a big-eyed, bloody-toothed demon lady slitting her wrist. Fun!

To be fair, Nicole overlooked the fact that the wand was called "EvilStick," but to be fair once again, the package also said "I can send out wonderful music!" and that message was written on a snowflake, so.

WHIO investigated the dollar store mixup:

The dollar store owner reportedly says he will take the toy off the shelves if he receives more complaints.

Though the toy is certainly not suitable for children, and while I disagree with the store owner that children see "images like [a demon slitting her wrist] on TV every day," I do think this spooky nightmare toy is suitable for a certain blogger who would love if her local dollar store began carrying it.

Just saying.

[image via WHIO]