Six-year-old Jack recently had surgery to remove a cancerous tumor from his brain, which left without much mobility on the left side of his body. He's undergoing physical therapy to regain some arm movement, and one of his prescribed exercises is 4 reps of feeding treats to a friendly dog.

Jack's uncle shared this video of the canine-approved workout regimen, which provides all the motivation Jack needs to push through the difficulty and get his arm moving again. (Well, that and a new bike. But the dog is definitely helping.)

Jack's dad commented on Reddit that he's doing "great," and has progressed to the point where he can actually ride his cool bike.

"The left leg is getting much better. Doesn't have the dexterity that he did have but he can push a pedal. They tape his left hand to the handle. He gets around pretty well on it," he wrote.

[H/T Reddit]