Have you ever wondered whether your state's population is objectively better than those chumps up in North Dakota? We're one step closer to finding the answer, thanks to the folks at Nerve.

Using data from the sex-tracking app Spreadsheets, Nerve made a map displaying how long the average sex session is in each state. Bad news for North Dakota haters: the state actually seems to be doing pretty well for itself, with the average sex session clocking in at three minutes and eighteen seconds.

Granted, these times are only for people who are using the app, so if you live in Alaska (1:21), don't feel too bad. Maybe those Alaskans who track their sex times are just unusually swift. The times also don't encompass the entire realm of sexytime activities, like foreplay and half-assed massages–only the act itself is covered.

Still, we have to give it to New Mexico (7:01), whose population's sex sessions last nearly a minute and a half longer than those of the second-longest lasting state (West Virginia, 5:38). Maybe Walter White knows something we don't.

[H/T Nerve]