According to documents published yesterday by investigative news site MuckRock, the NYPD has paid almost half a billion dollars in settlements in the last five years.

The source of that information, a spreadsheet titled "NYPD Closed Actions Commenced in 2009-2014 to Date," was given to MuckRock by the NYPD in response to a routine Freedom of Information request. It lists over 10,000 police-related settlements made by the city, ranging from $1 to $11,500,000.

Those numbers are in line with the findings of a 2010 AP investigation, which discovered nearly $1 billion in NYPD payouts over the previous decade. In 2012, Bloomberg News found the City of New York planned to spend $735 million on settling lawsuits, police and otherwise, almost six times what Los Angeles pays per capita.

You can see the NYPD's 25 biggest settlements since 2009 below or download the complete data from here.

[Image via Sukharevskyy Dmytro/Shutterstock]