While treating a 50-year-old patient suffering from headaches, British doctors say they found a years-old tapeworm living in the man's brain. Additionally, added everyone, UGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGH.

For four years—YEARS!—doctors tracked the progress of the mysterious coil-like creature as it wriggled from one side of the man's head to the other, only discovering its wormy nature after a biopsy of his brain.

Believed to have been infected in China, the patient exhibited symptoms ranging from headaches and seizures to memory flashbacks and "strange smells."

According to The Guardian, "Only 300 cases of infection by this parasite in humans have been reported since 1953," making infestation of your own brain pretty unlikely, but hey, you never know!

[Images via Shutterstock/Genome Biology//h/t Huffington Post]