The animal kingdom is, to the delight of web users riding the dot-com wave, full of photographic evidence of disparate species getting along. "#relationshipgoals," one might tag a photo of lion hugging a man; "me and bae," you might say about a dog cuddling a cat. A weasel and a woodpecker? Save this one...FOR YOUR ENEMIES!

The rare photograph was captured by photographer Martin Le-May when he heard a "strangled, distressed squawking" and saw a "flash of green" as he and his wife walked through a park in Greater London. The photo has made its rounds on the net today, flinging itself far enough out there to make it into the manicured hands of Katy Perry. If you are Katy Perry's bae, may we recommend watching your back? This is not how loving animals treat one another!

The BBC spoke with Dr. Stuart Marsden, a reader in Conservation Ecology at Manchester Metropolitan University, who said that weasels are "really vicious and clever." Iolo Williams, a naturalist, then went on to add this detail about weasels: "I've seen them taking fully grown rabbits."

Good luck in the afterlife, woodpecker.

[Image via BBC/Martin Le-May]

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