TBS just announced that they are developing a talk show called Me Time with Diablo Cody that will focus on the writer-memoirist-producer's perspective on Hollywood and pop culture.

The multi-hyphenate acquired some level of notoriety in 2005 after publishing a memoir called Candy Girl: A Year in the Life of an Unlikely Stripper. She then wrote the charm-sass vehicle Juno in 2007, followed by the campy horror-flick Jennifer's Body, and the viciously dark Young Adult. She created the Showtime series United States of Tara and is now directing her first feature film, Paradise. She knows how to do lots of things and succeed at them.

Cody could be a marvelous talk show host. She won an Oscar for coining cheeky catch-phrases. She ostensibly loves chatting with other Hollywood-types. She has a distinctly female perspective regarding the film industry and could probably do some bolstering for increasing women's roles in film and television. She has fantastic taste in movies.

But by now we know that Cody's work is something that's best in small doses. She's got a great sense of language, sure, but it's evident in her work that she's just so aware of it. Her writing can sometimes seem a bit too pleased with itself; other times it smacks of outright smugness. And that's exhausting.

TBS's choice to select a writer for a potential talk show host continues to go against the grain. Conan O'Brien was one of the first writers selected for late-night show hosting duties, and most hosts cut their teeth in the trenches of the stand-up world. This could be starting to change, as SNL head writer Seth Myers was just selected to replace Jimmy Fallon, as he moves to The Tonight Show.

So Me Time with Diablo Coby! It could be good, or at least upbeat and amusing. Here's TBS's description the show:

TBS Unscripted Development

Me Time with Diablo Cody
Oscar®-winner Diablo Cody, the creator of United States of Tara and Young Adult, brings her signature charm and style to the screen as host of her own show. Tailored around Diablo’s unique perspective on all things pop culture and told in her very own tongue-in-cheek way, Me Time with Diablo Cody will reveal a side of Hollywood and celebs that the public very rarely gets to see.
– Executive Producers: Mark Cronin, Courtland Cox and Diablo Cody
– Production Company/Studio: 51 Minds

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