In searching for a Father’s Day present for my stepdad, I hit up all the best sites:, google: “father’s day”,, and finally Etsy. While my returns on the first three were lackluster—what’s he going to do with another grill spatula with a light wood handle?—I was surprised to learn that Etsy really came through for a gal in need.

I don’t often visit Etsy. In fact, my order history makes me out to be a very crazy and very lonely woman: a single stream of candles, purchased individually at a rate of one every few months. So shoot me! These are good candles!

Perhaps it’s because I rarely visit that this happened—after all, I’m merely a writer and do not particularly understand how targeted online advertising works—but when I visited the site looking for a present for my stepdad, I was immediately taken to what can only be described as a photorealistic image of a cat stuffed into a slipper-sock cocoon. The link to this particular Etsy store was the most prominent thing on my homepage. Surely, I should take this as a sign: a cat bed is what I’d be buying my stepdad for Father’s Day.

Etsy user Storow—based out of Castrovillari, Italy—hand makes each and every cat bed she advertises. They are made of Merino wool and look very soft and fun to stuff a cat into. They can also be custom-designed. Should I request that Storow make a cat bed big enough to fit my stepdad?

Imagine—my stepdad in a Merino wool cocoon! He’d love it, don’t you think?

“..hey. I’m over here...hey...come find me...if you dare...”

I am no longer at a loss for what to buy my stepdad for Father’s Day. I have a feeling a cat cocoon would be right up his alley. Do you agree?


All images via Storow’s beloved Etsy page. Contact the author at