Reading the New Republic's enlightening and maddening interview with the the amoral monsters behind THE POLITICO—"Q. Does President Obama read Politico? A. I assume he does, yes."—we were reminded of an old story we read once.

THE POLITICO's chief asset and informal mascot is Mike Allen, an emotionally crippled and extremely powerful journo-bot who writes THE PLAYBOOK every morning and occasionally interviews presidents, deferentially. Mike Allen is widely known to be a hoarder, as the New York Times' Mark Leibovich put it in a weird and deeply subtextual profile last summer in 2010. Here's how he described Allen's, um, problem:

It got so bad at Time, where Allen was given his own office, that it became difficult to even open the door. His chair was raised at a crooked angle, as if it were not touching the floor, and the debris rose so high in some places that it blocked a portion of light coming through a picture window. Colleagues took pictures, as if the place were an archaeological site.

If colleagues took pictures, then surely those pictures still exist, somewhere. Do you have one? It would be interesting to see them.

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