"All I want is a slushie." Like a pint-sized Mike Muir, that's what 4-year-old Annabelle Ridgeway told a Philadelphia city bus driver early Friday morning. Unfortunately, thanks to the selfless actions of him and other annoyingly helpful strangers, Annabelle never fulfilled her icy desire.

According to WPVI-TV, the girl's ambitious plan to get majorly slushed began to unravel at around 3 a.m., when a man spotted Annabelle unattended and flagged down driver Harlan Jenifer's bus.

"She's a small little thing. It kind of just shocked me," Jenifer told the station. "'All I want is a slushie,' that's all she said!"

At that point, Annabelle had already traveled five blocks from her house in pursuit of her frosty quarry. Alas, she was back home, slushie-less, within an hour.

"There are no words, he saved my daughter's life," said Annabelle's mother of the bus driver.

Sure, if you can call a life without late-night slushie runs "living."

[Image via WPVI-TV//h/t Buzzfeed]