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I didn't watch everything on TV today, but really, what could possibly top this?

Full-time public spectacle, part-time rapper DMX was the subject of a wide-ranging interview spanning today's entire episode of Dr. Phil, which was titled "DMX Disclosed: The Man Behind the Headlines." They discussed DMX's 12 children (another's on the way, and when he announced that, you could hear, like, two people in the audience cheering), his nude romp through a hotel hallway (of which he is completely unashamed), DMX's love of love, and, in a brief meta moment, what he thought of the interview (Dr Phil: "How’s this interview gone so far?" DMX: "Um, I’m hungry.”).

I will update this post with a highlights reel shortly, but in the meantime, please enjoy the clip above, in which DMX is presented with the lyrics of his 2006 song "Lord Give Me a Sign," and he proceeds to recite them, then rap them, and then feel the fuck out of them to the shock and delight of the Dr. Phil audience.