A government commission in the UK has found that that nation’s top businesses use “unacknowledged ‘poshness tests’” when hiring, rather than hiring candidates from all social classes equally. Savages.

“Jolly Olde England?” More like “A Backwards Lande of Discrimination That Has Been Cast Away Among Truly Civilized Citizens of the Worlde.” The Guardian reports on the nefarious unspoken prejudices that govern hiring in the UK’s equivalent of Wall Street:

The commission examined the recruitment processes at 13 elite law, accountancy and financial companies who between them appoint 45,000 of the best jobs in the country. It found that 70% of jobs offered by those firms in 2014 went to applicants from private or selective schools, even though such schools only educate around 11% of the population.

All Britons should be ashamed that this disgusting relic of a less enlightened era persists in their purportedly enlightened land. Today—even more than usual—I’m proud to be an American.

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