Diddy's alleged attack on Drake at a Miami club during Art Basel was provoked by Drake's "disrespectful" use of a Boi-1da beat that Diddy had been hoarding since earlier this year, TMZ reports:

Our sources say, producer Boi-1da had given both Diddy and Drake a song to record more than 8 months ago. We're told Diddy sat on the song, which frustrated Drake because he wanted to record it. So recently Drake recorded the song on his own and it did well, which pissed Diddy off.

If true, what's the song? "0 to 100/The Catch-Up" is Boi-1da's biggest hit for Drake this year, but the producer also worked on "How Bout Now" and "6 God," two tracks Drake released in October after learning they had leaked.

Pretty much everyone has freestyled over that "0 to 100" beat now, but Diddy hasn't, for whatever that's worth.

"Sources close to Diddy" told TMZ that the Bad Boy founder spotted Drake at Miami Beach club LIV and told him, "You'll never disrespect me again" before punching him in the shoulder. The attack apparently "exacerbated an old injury," sending Drake to the ER.

If the rumor about the stolen beat is true, it's not the first time Drake has disrespected Diddy.

The photo above shows the two rappers courtside at the NBA's All-Star weekend back in February, before Drake snatched Diddy's mic after his own stopped working during a performance.

It may not have anything to do with the Miami incident, but the video is hilarious:

He's on his worst behaviour.

Update: A source in Boi-1da's camp confirms to Gawker that the fight was over the "0 to 100" beat.

Also, MissInfo heard this from an "insider" about how the dispute started:

Apparently Diddy was given that beat first, eventually sent it to Drake to put a verse on it, but as we all know Drake released "0 to 100″ as a freestyle using the beat instead. Reportedly, the beat was made during a series of sessions in Miami where Puff flew Boi-1da down…but turned down the beat. Which would make it up for grabs.