Sean "P.uff Di/addy" Combs took to his Twitter account yesterday to announce that, incredibly, he had been cast as the first black cast member of the popular Masterpiece Classic series Downton Abbey.

Incredibly, that is, because there was absolutely no way that was true.

WGBH Boston confirmed as much when they released a statement saying,"Very funny, but it's simply not true."

Not true, perhaps, but "very funny"? That's for the viewers to decide: As promised, Diddy released the "preview" of his Downton Abbey debut at midnight via Funny or Die.

Diddy plays Lord Wilcott, the new owner of Downton Abbey, who apparently doesn't know how to pronounce the name of his own house.

Something tells me this character will be cut before the show returns in January.

[screengrab via Funny or Die]