Dilbert Coreas could hook you up with a pony for $70 an hour, a bouncy house with a water-slide for $115 an entire day. The Florida-based kids' party planner could get you a hot-dog cabinet, a popcorn machine, or a cotton-candy maker for only $60 a piece. And if you needed something a little less family-friendly, he might be able to find that too: According to the Feds, Coreas not only was affiliated with the small business It'z A Kidz World, but also allegedly the transnational gang MS-13.

See, Coreas had been deported back to El Salvador after being convicted of felony possession of cocaine with intent to sell, felony tampering with evidence and resisting arrest. But earlier this year, he reappeared in the United States, a teardrop tattoo under his left eye and a blood-dripping dagger under his right, advertising his services to help make kids' birthday dreams come true on Facebook.

According to the Palm Beach Post, detectives with the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s gang unit noticed his social-media activity:

The gang unit conducted surveillance of Coreas operating the bounce houses and conducting the pony rides at events around Palm Beach County, the complaint says.

We can only hope the officers spied on him from inside a two-man horse costume, falling down multiple times and breaking into a dance routine every time spectators became suspicious. Life is short.

Coreas faces a federal charge of illegal re-entry after deportation, according to a criminal complaint filed Wednesday. We left a message with It'z A Kidz World; our call was not returned.

[Palm Beach Post // photo via Facebook]